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GAPCoverage Protects Your Vehicle Financially

You've made an investment in your Lincoln and GAPCoverage was created to protect that investment. If your Lincoln is stolen and not recovered or if it's declared a total loss, your insurance company may not pay enough to satisfy what you still owe.

GAPCoverage is designed to bridge that gap. With certain restrictions, it waives the difference between your current outstanding balance (subject to conditions) and the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss. 


If your Lincoln is stolen and not recovered, or declared a total loss, GAPCoverage bridges the gap by waiving the difference between your current outstanding finance balance and your insurance settlement.
  • Applies to new, used and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Financed amounts up to $125,000
  • up to 84-month term
  • Avoid cash outlay required to cover your insurance deductible with coverage up to $1,000
  • Coverage limit lesser of $125,00 or 150% of MSRP (new)/150% of NADA "Retail" Value (used)
  • Can prevent you from owing money on a Lincoln you no longer own
  • Assists you with an expense that is unexpected and potentially significant.
Exclusions: GAPCoverage does not provide benefits when loss or damage occurs:
  • Due to fraud or intentional damage by you
  • Prior to the total loss date
  • Outside the U.S. or Canada
  • After the redemption period following a repossession
  • Due to legal confiscation by public official
  • If the vehicle is licensed or registered/titled in a business name or used for business, or has a salvage title
And it does not cover items such as: 
  • Late charges, delinquent payments and deferred payments
  • Various refundable amounts due to you for early cancellation of financed products
  • Termination and disposition fees
Additional limitations apply. Be sure to review all limitations outlined in your GAP addendum.

Keep in mind, GAPCoverage is only available at the time of vehicle purchase. For more details, visit Pfeiffer Lincoln