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Brake Pedal Repair

Routine maintenance is necessary in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. There are many moving parts to a vehicle and just one of those parts is your brake pedal. You may notice something is going on with your brake pedal and you are unsure if it is related to your pedal or your brakes. It is always a good idea to bring your vehicle in to Pfeiffer Lincoln, Inc. to be checked out. Your brakes aren't something you want to neglect since they are part of the overall safety of your vehicle.

If you press down…
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Keeping the Right Supplies in Your Vehicle in Case of a Roadside Emergency

There are all kinds of scary situations that you can get into with your family, and there are little things that you can do to prepare for each one. If you are afraid that you and your family might end up stranded at the side of the road, you should prepare a roadside emergency kit and put that inside your vehicle somewhere.

Your roadside emergency kit should definitely include a set of jumper cables. You need to be able to get your battery working again if it fails you while on the go. Your kit should also include a flashlight…
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The Lincoln MKC Was Carefully Designed

You want to find a vehicle that seems like it was designed just for you, one with a design that was crafted with care. The Lincoln MKC is a popular crossover option, and it is something that features a special design.

If you would love a view of the sky from your crossover, you will appreciate the option that you have to have a panoramic sunroof as part of your Lincoln MKC. The wheels of your automobile should look just as you want them to look, they should hint at your personality. The Lincoln MKC has many wheel options for…
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Lincoln MKT Performance Features: Top-Rated Engines

The Lincoln MKT has quickly risen in the latest lineup for luxury midsize SUVs. With the base model putting out 300-horsepower from a 3.7-liter V6 engine, it is one of the lower-priced SUVs in this market that has high value for towing capacity, luxury, and handling. The all-new models have incredible handling, as mentioned by many drivers who love the weight steering wheel and sturdy brakes.

The Lincoln MKT Reserve is the ultimate SUV package. You get all the luxury features, including leather trim, sunroof, and upgraded technology, while also getting the...
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The 2018 Lincoln MKX Offers Plenty of Technology Features

The Lincoln MKX is a crossover vehicle that perfectly blends all of the luxurious styling and amenities that Lincoln owners have enjoyed for years with the rugged capability of an SUV. In addition to that, the technology that is built into the vehicle will keep drivers connected and make everyday driving much easier and more pleasurable.

Some of the technology features that the Lincoln MKX offers include:
  • A 360 degree camera
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Lincoln's personal safety system
  • A lane keeping system
  • Enhanced active park assist
  • Lincoln Connect with WiFi capability
  • QuantumLogic...
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The Lincoln Continental and Essential Technology Features

The Lincoln Continental is a trusted luxury vehicle that's as suave as its name suggests. Many drivers agree fully with that statement as well. No one is disputing that this car has a chic appearance. No one is arguing that it makes a superb choice for people who are fascinated by technology.

The Lincoln Continental is known for technology features that serve all kinds of purposes. The Lincoln Way app is a big craze. It lets people stay in the loop with their cars. If you want individualized customer service and even responsive roadside help, you'll be enamored…

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Battery Temperature

The winter is in full swing, and by now you may or may not have experienced some issues with your vehicle due to extremely cold temperatures. We here at Pfeiffer Lincoln, Inc. see a lot of different issues related to the cold, especially when it comes to your battery. Did you know that when the temperature outside reaches zero degrees and your vehicle is parked outside, your vehicle's battery will only function at approximately sixty percent of its normal charge?

Keep in mind that if your vehicle's battery is already at a low charge and the temperatures outside…

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How to Know if Front-Wheel or Rear-Wheel Drive is Best for You?

Is most of your driving on city roads around Grand Rapids, or are you most often carrying heavy loads in your vehicle and encountering rough terrain? Your answer will affect whether or not front-wheel or rear-wheel drive on a vehicle is the best choice for your driving needs.

Simply put, rear-wheel drive, standard on most trucks, enable the vehicle's rear wheels to push it ahead while the front wheels steer it in the right direction. Rear-wheel tends to provide superior braking and cornering with equal balance among the wheels. Front-wheel drive, common in today's sedans, offer better fuel…

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Extend Your Tires’ Life with Routine Alignments

Tire alignments allow your vehicle’s tires to last longer as well as give you tighter handling, improved gas mileage, and a better ride. You’ll be able to keep your vehicle on the road longer when you take advantage of a routine alignment inspection.

Wheels can be knocked out of alignment by driving over rough roads, bumping the curb, or hitting potholes. Signs that your tires may be misaligned include the vehicle pulling to one side when you brake. There could also be a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel. 
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Lincoln MKZ Hybrid - Performance is Just the Beginning

If you know anything about the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, you know its performance is just the beginning. The economical gas mileage, sleek body style and powerful twin-turbocharged engine all make this a car you must see and drive! Our sales people at Pfeiffer Lincoln, Inc. are excited to show you everything this popular midsize luxury car has to offer.

What comes to mind when you think of performance? Perhaps it’s a powerful V6 engine that kicks out 400 HP and 400 lb. - ft. of torque. Or maybe it’s a Driver’s Package that includes 19” wheels, a sport-tuned…

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