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Fuel Economy Savings for The Savvy Driver

Getting the maximum out of your car's fuel economy does not have to be a difficult process. There are several things you can start doing today that will have a positive impact on your gas gauge and your wallet.

The first thing is to drive more safely. One of the main culprits when it comes to excessive fuel consumption is aggressive driving. Aggressive driving includes things like excessive braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding. These behaviors can negatively impact your fuel usage by a surprisingly large amount at highway speeds...

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Planning for a Safer Road Trip This Summer

Part of having a safer trip on the road is preparing in advance for things that could go wrong. Better to get prepared for trouble and not have anything happen than to get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Here are a few things you can do before heading out on that road trip.

Bring a bag with some tools, like a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, socket set, and pliers.

Take along a few road flares and even those reflecting triangles.

Pack a flashlight and plenty of batteries...

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Tips to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Eliminate distractions

Safely operating an automobile requires a driver’s full attention and focus on the road. Since mobile devices have become more and more common, they can offer a great distraction for a driver. The use of a cell phone or any kind of mobile device while driving a motor vehicle is unsafe, and if you have a passenger in the vehicle with you, it is advisable that they utilize the electronics. When a motorist takes their eyes off of the roadway to answer a phone call or send a text message, this creates an enormous risk not only…

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Let Us Rotate Your Tires

It may not always seem convenient to perform necessary maintenance on your vehicle. Tire rotations though are not recommended to be avoided even if you are not able to personally perform the task. Our service technicians at Pfeiffer Lincoln, Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, can rotate your tires. First, tire rotation involves the tires moving to another position on your vehicle. Second, the tires air pressure should get checked and make any necessary corrections. Third, it is also important to check the brakes while the tires are off and easy to inspect...

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